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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flying giving thanks

I spent my first Thanksgiving in my house in Savannah. Fortunately my parents, my sister, and my niece were able to join me. One of the fascinating things that happened was my father walked his 800th mile of the year on Thanksgiving day.

Yes, that is right 800 miles. He set a goal of walking 800 miles this year and he did it a month ahead of schedule. He even gave me permission (sort of) to post it on social media. he wanted a banner, well he said something like "...if I had a banner" so we got him one. I think he was surprised. He probably knew something was up since the phone calls in the car were not too cryptic. We had to get the timing just right.

It was a good visit. It was a great day. Any day when friends and family come together when it is not a funeral is an excellent day. We cooked, we ate, we cleaned up my house, we shopped, we played games, and we gave thanks for so many things.

It didn't matter that we did not eat on the good china that was in the back of my sister's car. The food tasted great on regular bone china plates. My mother even said we could use paper plates (I was in shock). We did use the good flatware so we struck a nice balance. The good china has been unpacked so it is available for next time.

Not even the lack of a dishwasher put a damper on the day. The only thing I wanted that I did not get was having the Alabama-Auburn game on Friday like in the old days. Oh well, Bama won so it is all good.