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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Flying underwater

Phoebe Dill
I think I am half crazy. truth be told I am probably way beyond that point, but I am only taking credit for half. I sort of feel like I am underwater.

The repairs are done on my house. I spent the weekend cleaning and now I will meet with my realtor on Friday to give her a key. This move to Savannah is actually happening. Yes, I have known this day was coming for a few months now. There is just something about moving forward with recognizable actions that makes it all a bit more real.

Tomorrow I am actually looking for a place in Savannah. One place that caught my eye was Hoover Creek Plantation. I am having a very very difficult time rationalizing living anywhere named plantation. It has access to a dock where I can drop my kayak if I had one. And I have always wanted to live closer to water or marsh. It's just a name right? Could this be about me reclaiming spaces? I have not even seen the apartment yet, so maybe I won't even like it. Or maybe I won't qualify to get it. Or maybe just the opposite will happen. Or maybe I will find something else.

And I am losing things. Actually I am misplacing things. I cannot remember if the things are in my car, in my house, or in Savannah. I should have at least 10 phone chargers and I can only put my hand on two.

It will all work out. It always does.