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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flying with sister power

Yes, I am a procrastinator. It amazes me sometime how I get all of the things done that I do. I asked my sister to help me mow my backyard after my other plan fell through. she (not really understanding and not ever having mowed a yard before) said yes. Then she asked me if mowing the lawn was strenuous work. I then knew that this was going to be an adventure.

I still tried to talk myself out of doing it. I hoped for rain. I hoped for divine intervention in the guise of random teenagers coming back offering to mow my yard for some spending money. None of that happened. Yes, I have friends. One of my friends' husbands cut it for me and since I have not kept it cut I just could not ask to borrow him again. The local men who do work in the neighborhood charged me $210 the last time because there may be snakes out there. I did not have $210+ to spend this time. And honestly waiting for a miracle was making me quite anxious as I am supposed to be getting my house ready to put on the market.

So, after a 5.5 mile run and a pancake breakfast I finally stopped whining. My neighbors were stunned. They had never seen me in the backyard. I do not remember the last time I was out there. First I used the weed eater. I wasn't getting enough or fast gratification so I dumped it and went straight for the lawn mower. And we got it done. Well, most of it anyway. The weed eater/edger died so there is a corner in the very back of the house that still looks a bit jungle-ish. But I am not bothered. The main parts are done. And I am impressed with us.

Truly sister power trumps procrastination any day. Best birthday present ever. Well, maybe not but it ranks up there.