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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flying where I don't want to go

Avel Chuklanov

I am all for supporting people. My platform has been about empowering women for a very long time. I believe that is the way it should be. I also think that you as a women should bring something to the table worthy of my support. Okay, that may have come out wrong. I think that you should not simply sit there with a sense of entitlement thinking that I should support you because of who you are.

I do not work that way. Yes, I believe that women, Black women and other women of color particularly have had it hard. Discrimination on many levels all at the same time. I get it. I respect your journey just as I hope that you would respect mine. However, I do not believe that you get something just because you show up. You have to do some work. You must show that you are capable. You must show you are more than the sum of your parts. You must bring something to the table other than your skin color and gender (biological or otherwise).

I am not hitching my little red wagon to someone who is heading down a slope of deception, greed, pettiness, or anything else negative. I want to be associated with strong, intelligent, hard working women who make things happen in spite of the challenges. I want to celebrate greatness together. I want to inspire greatness together.

I do not want to hear you whine over and over and over and over again without once taking action. Those actions do not garner my respect or my collaboration. So kindly, move on.