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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Flying or not flying with the flu

David Mao
I am not sure how it happened. I wash my hands constantly. I eat relatively healthy. I take vitamins and wheatgrass juice and  I exercise a lot. i mean really a lot.  I just did not see it coming and the WHAM BAM  I was out almost cold. At first I was in denial. I got up and actually tried to run an easy five miles, but that is what I do. I often run through sickness and feel much better for it. 

NOT THIS TIME! I could not even finish my run. And yes I know now that I should not have even started the run. Lesson learned, maybe. I just cannot promise. One because I will not remember even making that promise and two, because well I will probably do it again. 

This was awful. I could barely move. My entire body ached. Even my hair. Or shall I say especially my hair? I was in the same exact position for almost three days straight. I did get up to go to the bathroom, and once to get juice. I could hardly lift my head. So driving anywhere was out. And so was getting dressed to do anything or go anywhere. 

I did manage to feel coherent enough to drive myself home from Savannah Saturday morning. That was not one of my best decisions as I am still not sure how I made it safely. I went straight to bed until I had to get up and get ready for my part-time gig. How I lasted those four hours was another miracle in itself. I just could not do it for Sunday and stayed in bed. And today I submitted my two week resignation. Enough is enough. 

My body told me it was time to slow down. I am sure there were signs and I am sure I ignored them all. And now I am paying for it. I do not have my voice back yet. I feel a bit better. The fever is gone and my cough is not as constant. I am healing. 

I did bring my running clothes and yet I told myself that I will not run until the midnight 10 miler this week. So I should have left my running clothes in Charleston. But I did not. I kept thinking that I would feel better and that a tiny three miler couldn't hurt. Okay, not. I will not run. I won't even do yoga this week. I will just rest. Someone please hold me accountable for that, please. Now maybe I can catch up on the many Words with Friends games I have going on. Or not.