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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Flying the new year in a bit differently this time

Barbara and me
I really do not have a New Year's routine. I hardly ever think about it. It generally rolls in just like every other day in my life. This year I did something different. I did not start out thinking that I should or would do something different, it just sort of fell in my lap.

Actually, Anne fell into my lap. She was a good friend of my dear departed friend Yvonne. We met at the funeral. Anyway, she told me that her year had not been the best and that she decided to do something huge to jump start the new year. She was going to run a marathon. Then she asked me if I knew anyone who would be willing to run it with her. I sat there just staring at my computer screen.

After a few minutes, I replied asking for the information about the run. I was trying to figure out who to send it to when she quickly replied, "Thanks. If you don't want to run it would you just ride down with me. I would enjoy the company". And less than two minutes later I was signed up for a marathon.

I have run marathons before. I generally train for them. This race was about 3 weeks out and I had nor run my usual pre-marathon 20 miles. Nor did I have time to. I walked around in a fog trying to plan training.

To make a long story short, I ran the race. I even talked another one of my running friends into going with us. I managed to get lost twice and need a bathroom break, but it was one of my most memorable January 1sts. I mean who just ups and runs a marathon?

I learned a lot about myself that day. I now know that I have a great training foundation (my longest run was 15 miles). I learned yet again to ask for help when I need it due to getting lost twice. I learned that sometimes all that matters is that you show up and do your best. And I now know that I should not eat a banana 30 minutes before a run (remember that bathroom break I mentioned?).

So already my new year is different than last year in a positive way and that is all I need right now.


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