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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Flying a safe place

We all need a safe place to be. It can be anywhere. It is anywhere you feel well, safe. Most people get that feeling at home. I do sometimes, but surprisingly I found a new place. I ventured into a different yoga studio. By different I mean a place I have not been to before even though I have driven by it for years. I had stopped practicing yoga regularly for a while. And I felt drawn back. So I looked at the schedules at my usual places. I just wasn't feeling any of them. 

So then I went to Google and typed in 'yoga in Mt. Pleasant, SC' and I went to the websites of each. One stood out. It had a class at exactly the time I needed it. It wasn't the most expensive class offered. And it said it welcomed diversity. Plus it was less than 10 minutes from my house and I did not need to pre-register, I could just walk in. 

As soon as I walked in the studio I felt the positive energy. I almost cried when I got on my mat. I have never felt that way in any studio and I have been in several. The class was fun and there was no pressure to conform to anything. In fact we were encouraged NOT to look at anyone else. We were to do whatever our bodies wanted to do. We would get benefits by just breathing. 

I went back a second day with a friend to a $5 community class. Alicia Keys, Al Green, and Michael Jackson were on the playlist. We danced in the poses. I allowed myself to do poses that I never imagined I could do. Poses that I never heard of before. Poses that made me feel strong and then stronger. So much stronger. I left there at least 5 inches taller if only in my imagination. 

That is my new safe place Gaea .The place that allows and encourages me to go beyond my self imposed limits. The place that welcomes my body without judgment. The place that allows and celebrates my falling because that means I found my edge and dared to go past it. 

Where do you feel safe?


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