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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Flying with a headache

Oscar Keys

I truly believe that I think too much sometimes. And some of those times I think I give myself a headache. It is not that I am magical, it is just that I tend to worry myself into oblivion. I am getting a bit better at turning things over to God. I like the visualization of the God box like my friend Cayce told me.

There are other times when my environment causes my headaches. The weather, drinking bad champagne, or the fact that I am allergic to cats, dogs, and probably many other animals that I have not come in contact with. And other times my headaches come when I do not eat soon enough after running, waking up, or just because I was busy.

The beauty of headaches is in their relief. When they are gone. I have clarity, no pain, and often a renewed sense of energy. Of course I do not have migraines. If I did I might have something entirely different to say about headaches. I have seen and heard people talk about the debilitating effects of them. It makes me complain about my minor headaches a lot less.

But I still complain. Or I simply curl up in a ball on my bed. But after a few moments or sometimes hours things are back to normal. Life is like that. we go through the tough times and forget to remember that nothing lasts forever. 


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Krishna Nayak said...

Thank you for sharing your revelation. This so resonated with me as I think my biggest challenge to writing is having the time.
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