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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flying when I thought I did not want to

The other day I did a scavenger hunt. I really did not want to. I just wanted to run three miles. I was on my way to 100 miles and needed six. So I was all set to run three when I got to Fleet Feet for the Monday night run. I was taken aback by the scavenger hunt. But I decided to participate anyway.

I am glad I did. We were in teams of four.  Each team was given a list of items to find. We had to take pictures in front of the items. The goal was to get 40 points. We got points for each team member in the picture of the 10 items. We stayed together so we got all 40 points. We sprinted to each item. It was actually a lot of fun.

I made two new friends. Actually they are not completely new. We have a mutual friend so we have seen each other on Facebook and finally met face-to-face.

We did not win the gift cards, but we got our miles in. We laughed. We sweat. We collaborated. That goes to show that doing something different can be fun.

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