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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Flying grounded

It just wasn't meant to be. We tried twice. The first time we met at 4am at the specified place. We were all set to run. It was to be my last long run before my September 12th marathon. I was pretty excited. We were only running 10 miles. There were three of us. The awesome female military veterans. It wasn't planned that way, it just happened. One of us was Army, one Air Force, and the other a Marine. And we all rock! 

Gabriel Santiago

Anyway, we were all set to run and the sky lit up not quite like July 4th but enough to scare us back in our cars and back in our beds. Before our retreat we made a plan to run the next day same time same place. 

Well, at 4am the next day the sky opened up and did not let up until mid morning. So once again, we could not run. My last long run before my marathon turned out to be LAST weekend not this weekend as planned. Oh well. That is how it goes sometimes. 4am is much too early to be upset at the opportunity to get back in bed. This was the first time we struck out twice in a row. 

A few hours later I received this incredible text: Good morning. A higher power decided we needed to sit again this morning. You are ready to rock this marathon. I have truly enjoyed this journey thus far. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. Be blessed and run on. 

That was the perfect answer to a not so perfect plan. I am blessed to have amazing friends to take the journey to marathon running with me. And I am so thankful. Missing my last 10 miler was alright. I will be just fine. God's got me and so do my friends. 

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