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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Flying with the God box

Drew Hays
I had a great conversation with a kindred spirit a few weeks ago. We were both commiserating (and I am not even sure that is the right word) about the personal trials we were going through. She said that someone told her to send her anxieties vertical not inward. Vertical? I do like that visual: sending my issues shooting out of the top of my head like rockets. I really like that. 

But that is not what she was talking about. She meant that we should send the things we cannot control to God. We should rapidly send them to the God box. That allows us to focus on what we can handle. Okay, so that really doesn't change my visual. I can send my issues out of the top of my head like rockets into a leather bound God box. Yes, leather bound because that is what my box looks like. Don't judge.

I have no problems getting my stuff into the box. My problem is leaving them in the box. I keep checking on them allowing them to come back out and then I am dealing with them just as horribly as I did before I put them in the box. I do not shut the lid and lock it up. It is almost as if I am not trusting God. 

I just have difficulties in the 'meantimes' of my life. Those times when it looks like absolutely positively nothing is happening. And yes I know that just because I can't see the progress doesn't mean that things are not working out for me. I know that and yet I still find myself opening the God box. 

So I am making a promise to myself. I am writing down my issues pray on them and send them out of the top of my head to the God box. And then I will not stress over them. I will not worry about how things are going to work out, when they are going to work out, and all of the other details. I will honestly do my best to be in the moment and not worry about next week. 

Tall task, but all I can do it my best. And my best is good enough, I am doing enough, and I am enough. 

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