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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flying in minding by business

I saw something this weekend that I did not agree with. Let me say that the event had absolutely positively nothing to do with me. That is one reason I kept my mouth shut. Well, I kept my mouth shut publicly. I had an intense conversation about it in private with a couple of friends. Again, it was not my issue. 

Aaron Burden

The fact that it was not and is not my issue did not stop my mind and my heart from reacting. I think I was just too tired (we had just completed running 15 miles) to put up much fuss. Or at least to ask some very probing questions that were by all accounts none of my business. But I still wanted to know the circumstances surrounding the event. 

What further baffled me was that the event was posted on Facebook completely different than what I saw. And since it was not my story to tell I just stared at it with my mouth wide open. 

I really should not have any reaction to what happened. It had nothing to do with me and I would not have handled the situation that way. I was concerned about injury and frustration, but since the 'victim' did not and does not think she was a victim all is well, right? 

If it was that simple I would not still be thinking about it. But even if I decided or wanted to say something I am not sure what that would be. I was not part of the conversation that led to the event. Maybe the person I labeled the victim just disregarded the information. Maybe the person who knew better (and was not there to see it) actually did provide an adequate service, a paid service I might add. 

No matter. There was no blood shed and no one died. 

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What.....what happened??