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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flying with Thursday's Word author Brenda Smith

Aaron Burden

I 'borrowed' this from Brenda's Facebook page. You can read awesome posts in Thursdays Word

COUNT IT ALL JOY! (James 1:2) CONSIDER IT ALL JOY, MY BRETHREN, WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER VARIOUS TRIALS. Really??? Am I to be joyful that I am in a trial or in the middle of a great tribulation? The first word of Scripture says..."Consider" meaning to evaluate. It is something about the trials, test, tribulations that you need to know. No, I am definitely not telling you to be jumping up and down and be exceedingly happy about pain or suffering. You don't know it before it happens, 

BUT GOD has given you everything you need on the inside to come through safely and assuredly to the other side. He already placed in on the inside of you before he placed you inside your mother's womb. All the other situations, circumstances, decisions, tests, trials, tribulations we just leading up to this one you are in right now!!! If you are willing to accept the fact right here today..... that "whatever" it is you are going through that the Holy Spirit has it already figured out. Consider the fact that it is already done. Consider the fact that God never gives us trials to make us weak, but to make us strong. 

Consider the will not lose your mind. Consider the fact that a way has already been made and a door has already been opened. Not the joy that you are in a trial, but the joy that will come after the trial is over!!! The testimonies that will follow. The people you will be able to help heal, deliver, and to set free. God has a timing and intensity of each trial. He has a specific purpose for it all. Say to yourself each day....THROUGH THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT, I'LL COME OUT OF THIS TRIAL VICTORIOUS!!!! -Amen

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