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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Flying while lazy
In spite of all the things I do, I am actually lazy. At least when it comes to changing my sheets. I just forget to do it. And when I do remember, I just cannot seem to find the time. I will admit that when I saw the Clorox bleach body slime commercial I immediately jumped up and put my sheets in the washing machine with bleach of course. I would post the link to that commercial, but I cannot find it.

Anyway, I find it difficult to change my sheets. I am not sure why. I love the feel of clean sheets against my body after I take a shower right before bed. But that isn't enough motivation to get me to change my sheets more often. When I had a cleaning lady she changed them every three weeks and I loved that. After I could on longer afford her my sheets stopped getting changed.

I wonder if I am punishing myself for my decreased financial situation without knowing it. Do I think that I don't deserve fresh sheets because of my lifestyle change. Honestly how does a lack of extra money correlate with the need/desire of fresh sheets? I mean, I have the sheets. I have the washing powder. I have the washing machine. I have the time. So what is my problem? And to make things even more silly, I have clean sheets in my linen closet. But if I use them and wash the other ones I will have to fold these. And for the life of me I cannot properly fold a fitted sheet. And yes I have watched the videos and my mother as well as my uncle tried to teach me.

Maybe just maybe
I am overdramatizing and over analyzing this situation. Maybe I should just put it on my calendar to just change the damn sheets.

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