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Monday, June 29, 2015

Flying with words from Jesena, a re-post

I borrowed this from a former student and now a good friend. It is by Joseph L. Williams

It’s just not worth the energy...

Each day of your past, you have spent and wasted time, energy and effort on people, situations and circumstances that would have remained the same even if you would have left them as they were. We spend time trying to make things like this, that or the other, and once we have finished exerting the effort and energy, the people, places and 

Photo by Yu-chuan Hsu

circumstances remain the same while we are left broken, bruised, stressed and prematurely aged!

A mark of a mature person is an individual who is able to recognize death within a person, place or circumstance BEFORE you engage with them. You have to be spiritually in-tuned with these things so you will know when to sit down and entertain it or keep things moving!

There are some people who will ever change! They have been and will continue to be sorry, lazy, mediocre people who NEVER move from where they are to where they need to be. These are the individuals you will meet who aren’t worthy of anything from you more than prayer! When you attempt to help them you are left torn, worried and frustrated; save your energies and effort for those who are receptive to change and edification. You can’t help people who aren’t willing to help themselves. When you see and recognize these people, keep your distance. Do what you can without the emotional investment that leads to compromised levels of your light.

There are some situations you are in that will never be anything different than what it has always been. Your boss, co-workers and the climate that you dislike so much will always be what it is. What changes situations aren’t individuals who change people, but individuals who change themselves. When you question why people act and do what they do all you will do is exert energies on people who will always be what they have always been. If you want to change your environment, change who you are and watch those around you change. Remove the “Care” for how they are and how they act. When you don’t care about what they do, say or act, the burden of what they were doing will dissipate. In turn your burden will be made light and your light will shine causing them to be different than what they were.

Some things just aren’t worth the energy. We have to learn how to be selfish at the right times! Its ok to be selfish when what you would give will not be received. Love everyone but save your cares and emotional connections to and with those who receive it. Pray for them or it and keep it moving. Don’t allow their problems to be your problems. Understand the fact that when you see a person drowning, if you get too close to them they could drown you! The best thing to do with these people is throw them a life vest (good advice) and pray from them on the shore!

I cant tell you how many times I’ve tried to help people who refused to be help or change situations that will always be what they have always been. I’m older and wiser now and I know how to recognized those situations. Make people earn what you give them—stop giving yourself to those who aren’t worthy of your goodness.

Be blessed guys—I hope my words bring you revelation on your situation! Have a great day! Be Easy ~JLW~