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Monday, June 1, 2015

Flying moving as fast as I can, a re-post

The other day a group of us set out to run 10 miles. It always sounds like a good idea until we get a few miles in and then somewher something inside me wonders what I am doing. Now matter how many times I run, my body reacts the same.

This time we were struggling a bit more than usual and then we saw this shell. We were amazed that it moved.

At first we were afraid because this was most certainly the biggest snail any of us had ever seen. As we got bolder we moved closer to discover that it was a crab. A crab a long way away from the water. It was out of its element yet moving pretty quickly in our opinion. It seemed to know exactly where it was going.

Therein lies the lesson. We will have days when the best we can do feels like slow motion. And that is perfectly okay. Progress is not just measured by speed. Sometimes progress is made by taking one slow step at a time with rest breaks in between. And that day we felt like this crab running as fast as we could even if we looked slow to those watching. Move forward with the best intentions as best you can at the speed you can.

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