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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Flying past betrayal

Sebastian Kostrubala

This week two friends experienced betrayal. Two of them. Different circumstances different cities different people but same result. Neither was prepared. Both tried to rationalize the bad behavior of others. And that is not an easy task. Nor should it be. Each one was taken aback and stuck in disbelief.  

No one wants to think she could not see it coming. So each of them looked for the signs and there were many, some real and some not so real. And what about the motive? Or maybe motives? One said it was political. One said it was jealousy. But does it really matter? The pain is real regardless. And so is the journey forward. It helps if you can stop looking behind. It helps if the rebound is an easy one. If there is a safe place to land for as long as necessary and maybe even a little longer. 

And it really helps if they can reach out to friends, true friends. The kind of friends who will listen and listen over and over again dispensing advice only when asked or not at all. 

Being betrayed sucks no doubt about it. There is no reason to believe otherwise. The real test comes in the aftermath.