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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flying with friends in the dark

Josh Felise

This is almost what it looks like when I run at 4am. I always marvel at the stars. And if I have been out running long enough or late enough I can see the sun ascending in the sky. These are the moments that really make my day.

Since I do not run alone at that hour I am always sharing these moments with others. Let me tell you, it takes a great friend to meet you for a 4am run.

On these runs we talk about everything and nothing. This is where are darkest and deepest secrets are shared. They are not repeated. That is the unwritten rule. It is the only rule except show up on time. Our secrets are kept because we are friends and frankly because who can remember anything at 4am while running at least 10 miles? Certainly not me.

I feel out of place when I do not get my run in. I feel out of place when I run in the daylight. It lacks the stillness and the mythical magic. Yet there are times that I am forced to do it and I do. But I would rather begin my day pre-dawn with my Diva Warriors, sisters in sweat, my friends. It is like a secret society that only a few are members. Mostly because only a few will get up that early. We don't mind being in the silent minority. In fact that is how we prefer it. It keeps it drama-free. It keeps it special.