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Monday, March 2, 2015

Flying while not running

J was supposed to run 10 miles n Sunday at 4am. I was ready, sort of. I had my run clothes out. Two sets so I could choose quickly depending on the weather. I had my smoothie blended and in the refrigerator. I was properly hydrated and I was in the bed before 11pm..I was ready.

Samuel  Zellar
And then at 2:40am I woke up to heavy rain and wind. That was not in the plan especially since I did not look at the weather report before I went to bed. So I still got up and brushed my teeth, sebt a text and waited. I waited for Annette to tell me the plan actually to tell me if the plan had changed. She left that up to me. The other runners were running. They had to. They needed their 22 miler to end their marathon training. I did not. So I briefly debated. I could run in the rain.I have the gear. I have done it before. But this time I chose not to. 

I would have if there was a lone runner because Diva Warriors do not let a Diva Warrior run alone in the dark. I would have if I did not have to drive 30 minutes in the heavy rain and dark. I would have if I was truly needed. And I guess I would have if I really wanted to run. 

Yes, I felt a tiny bit guilty for not being out there. They got it done and they are not mad at me. I also realized that I missed my socialization time. When we run we talk about everything and nothing without fear of hearing our secrets,, fears, or whatever coming back to haunt us. I did not have anything pressing to discuss but I missed having that opportunity. Oh well. There will be next week. 

So I rested. I got back in the bed and fell back to sleep as the rain pounded on my skylights. Apparently my body needed the extra rest. I am glad I listened to it.

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