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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flying with insults

Jeremy Cai

Today someone called me 'uppity' and 'white'. And yes I have been called those things before, but not by someone who claimed to have my best interest at heart. Not by someone who was secure in his own skin and proud of mine. So I was surprised and not pleasantly.

I simply responded that stereotypes are mean and dangerous. That I would not justify my education, my success, my journey, and especially my heritage. Just not going to happen.

I know his words were meant to hurt me. I think for a hot moment they did. But more for the source of them, him. I almost inquired if that is how he really sees me. And then I decided that it did not matter. It wasn't worth my time to ask. And I did not accept his apology.

I believe that people say what they really mean when angry and when drunk. That is what I believe. Perhaps I am wrong. It doesn't matter really. It is what it is.  Or rather it was what is was.

I am still not sure why in this day and age people cannot be proud of others' successes. Why can't someone be articulate without being a certain skin color? Are behaviors color coded? I think not. Well, actually I don't think about it all. I like to see people succeed especially if they are my friends.

Success is not a color. Neither are respect, integrity, dignity, trust, honor, love, or friendship. But don't take my word for it. After all I was just called 'uppity' and 'white'.