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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flying on clean sheets

Hartmut Tobies

I just found out that sleep comes easier on clean sheets. Maybe you knew that already. I think I did, but it has been awhile. My sheets used to be washed every two or three weeks and then life changed. Among the things that fell off my priority list along with my housekeeper were clean sheets. I kept meaning to change them, but the thought of folding a fitted sheet sent chills down my spine. And yes I have watched the Martha Stewart-ish videos and my uncle tried to teach me. I believe my mother did as well. And yes, I am not above balling up the sheet and shoving it in my linen closet...

Anyway, somehow some way changing my sheets became something I thought about occasionally but not with enough energy to do anything about it. So it amazed me that the other day I actually did it. Yes, I actually changed and washed my sheets. And yes I used bleach. And I slept better. I slept better than I did after a sleeping pill, a marathon, or anything else I can remember. 

Is there anything you can do to make your life a bit better?

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