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Friday, January 23, 2015

Flying not wearing leggings as pants

Chelsea Francis

Lately I have been having conversations about leggings. Now I have nothing against that particular article of apparel. I do not even own a pair. What I do is that they are not pants.

They are not pants and yet I see women (and one man) wearing them as if they are. The other day a freind and I were downtown and a young woman walked in front of us wearling leggings as pants. Her leggings (actually I think they were footless tights) while htey were opaque did not provide the appropriate amount of coverage. What is the appropriate amount of coverage, you ask? All I will say is that I should not have been able to see every dimple on her butt. And why was I looking at her butt? It was right in front of me. I am actually more angry at her friend because she allowed her to walk around like that.

If you are going to wear leggings, then please do it correctly. They should be thick enough so people cannot see your underwear and if you aren't wearing any, we should not see THAT either. Footless tights or footed tights for that matter do not work here. It doesn't matter if you have on cute boots or shoes. It doesn't matter if your leggings are tartan, embroidered, or any other kind. They are not pants and should not be worn as such. I get it, they  are great under dresses, tunics and various long shirts and blouses.They can be cute and casual when worn correctly.

So here's my advice:

Whatever you wear on  top MUST cover your crotch and your butt. That needs repeating: whatever you wear on top MUST cover your crotch and your butt. One more time for emphasis: whatever you wear on top MUST cover your crotch and your butt.

Is anyone out there listening?


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