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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flying not waiting for nothing

Lately I have been seeing messages on my Facebook page that all said something like 'stop watering your weeds', 'move on from bad situations', 'stop making someone a priority that makes you an option', and so on. And finally I listened and acted accordingly.

Jeff Sheldon

I can finally admit that I have been waiting too long for nothing. And I am not waiting for nothing anymore. Okay, in the beginning I thought I was waiting for something. He said it was something and I believed him. Why would he lie, right? (Yes, that is a rhetorical question).

Among other things that I waited for, I was especially waiting for him to fix my bathroom. I had some water damage and he promised to replace the drywall, floor tiles, counter, cabinets, and bathroom ceiling. Well, two years later and it has yet to happen.

For two years everything that was in my bathroom and bedroom closets has been redistributed throughout my house most of it in my bedroom. Clutter on top of clutter. I was stressed trying to figure out how I could afford to fix it all.

Finally I opened my mouth up and asked my other friends for help. Believe it or not I do not need new floor tiles, counter, or cabinets. I just needed a real deep cleaning and that took about two hours.

I did need drywall because there were huge holes in the wall where the damaged pieces were cut out. Drywall is not expensive so I bought two sheets and a dear friend is installing them as I type. You should have seen us bringing that home in the back of my Jeep! Good thing we did not have far to drive far.

I waited in agony for two years. And no, I am not longer in contact with the dude with the broken promises. He did text me last night to say that he hoped I was well. I smiled and thought to myself 'Yes, I am well. I am freaking fabulous'. Then I deleted the text.

I am looking forward to putting things back in my closet and bathroom and penciling in phase two on my calendar for the new year. Phase two will be a fresh coat of paint and removing the popcorn from the ceiling. I am not longer ashamed of the inside of my house.

Lesson learned: there are plenty of people who love me and want to help me. I need to ask and be available to help in return. And that is not a bad deal. It is certainly much better than waiting for nothing.

In this life many demolitions are actually renovations. 

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