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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flying past the hurt

I did something that I should I done a long time ago. I finally let go. I finally faced reality, opened my hand, opened my heart, and just let go. It was deceptively simple but not so easy. Even though the writing was on the wall. I think everyone saw it except for me. I am glad my friends loved me enough not to say "I told you so" or "What took you so long".
I always believed that you cannot be stupid forever and yet I think I gave it a good shot. Yes, I admit it. I held on to the broken promises as if they were precious gemstones. I held on despite the evidence to the contrary. It was easier to believe. It was much harder to believe that someone would deliberately hurt me and not be truthful. I thought it could not happen to me. I thought that I was smarter than that.

How vain is that? It happens to the best of people. Even the best of people get hurt. It is not always intentional and yet some times it is. I have watched enough television, read enough, and lived enough to know that happily ever after can come slowly, but it can come. 

So today I have taken the first step in my recovery. I have opened myself up to the possibility of a life with a different chapter with different characters, different plots, different stories, and different adventures. I have finally decided not to be hurt in this situation anymore. Yippee for me.

Life is not scripted. There is bitter and there is sweet. I have no idea what happens next. I just know that today is the first step on a new journey. And I am no longer holding on to broken promises. It will all work out, just not the way I envisioned. And that is probably for the best. No, it is for the best. Isn't it always?