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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flying with a muffin

This may look like an ordinary muffin to you, but it is so much more. It is my reward and yes I know there is research out there that says you should not reward yourself with food but I don't care. I chose an orange cranberry muffin from The Fresh Market. I almost chose a chocolate chunk one, but passed.

Anyway, this muffin was my reward for meeting my mileage goals. I did not think I would make them this month because I strained a tendon and did not run for a little over a week. I cannot run mileage when I am not running. And yes I know that the world would not stop spinning if I missed my goal. However, my goals are important to me.

I learned several lessons during my 'rest'.

  • I claimed that my running was the only thing I had control over, I was wrong. I am in control of nothing. 
  • I did not gain weight while not running so taking time off every now and then will not hurt me. 
  • There are other things to do instead of running. I do not necessarily want to do them, but they are out there. 
  • Not running does not increase my appetite for cupcakes or anything else for that matter. 
  • Not running also did not make my grumpy. 
  • I distinctly remember my mother singing The Muffin Man to me and I remember most of the words. 

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Doretha Harris said...

Thank you for this "Eloquent" posted. This posted represent every African American women in the Universe!!!