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Friday, August 30, 2013

Thursday's Word by Brenda Smith, part 2

Thursday's Word

You are to be a dedicated member of your local church and get involved with the ministries and missions of that particular church. We treat the church as if it is a consumer product. The product is worshiping, preaching, and other ministries. Let’s consider the product coffee; and if it is not too strong we are in. If it does not, fit our taste buds we will shop around for another flavor or lighter brew. We are looking for something sweeter. We are looking for a bit of cream.  What’s in it for me? How far will I have to drive? How much of my time will be required? Here at 915 Green Street we are often known to quote, “We Are A Church That Is Alive – And Worth The Drive”   If you are going to take the time to come out, you will not be disappointed.  Your Church is your family. God wants us to live out our Christian lives with one another as family. When your brother or sister in your family does something irritating or unkind to you, you don’t disown them and you don’t move out. You work it out.
As God adds more members to this family, we need to be willing to receive them and love then, not separate from then and create cliques. Every new person who joins the Church will probably come with their own set of problems. The Church is to be a healing place!  The Church is a hospital that specializes in healing the impossible through the power of the Word of God. When speaking of the Church as making a promise is like saying your wedding vows, doesn’t it? Actually it is.  I’m asking if you are willing to stop living with the Church, and marry her. Are you willing to embrace the responsibilities as well as the benefits of belonging to the Church? What do you say?  Will you say, “I do?”

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