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Friday, August 9, 2013

Flying with Thursday's Word with Brenda Smith, part 2

Thursday's Word

So, if you believe in Jesus you have become born again of the Spirit of God; made alive to God. And because of the Cross there is no sin that can now cause God to remove His life from you. That is why life is an eternal life; a life that carries you through your physical life, past death and on into eternity. You are now saved. Saved from the wages of sin, death, by the gift of God, life in Jesus (Roman 6:23). You are no longer condemned with those in the world who do not believe in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:1). 

This is what you say because of the Accusing Spirit of Satan…
You say, 'But Satan keeps bringing it up.' That's because he is called the 'accuser' (Rev 12:10). But notice how you overcome Satan the accuser: 'They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony' (v. 11).
You say, 'But I don't feel forgiven.' Forgiveness comes by faith, not feelings. As long as you live by feelings Satan has a weapon he can use against you at every turn.
Next time Satan accuses you, say, 'I'm glad you brought that up.' Then tell him what the blood of Jesus has accomplished on your behalf. If you do that he will flee.
How do we combat this deceitful spirit?  Fill our mind with the voice of God. Read and Study His Word.
May God continue to bless you is my prayer.

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