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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Flying with no failure, part 1

It is time for Thursday's Word by Brenda Smith. 

Pastor Ray is always telling us……”There Is No Failure in God.” When you go through failures what are your first questions? “Why are people doing this to me?” “Why is God allowing this to happen to me?” Or you may think: “I have been keeping my prayer life up to date and I have been walking with the Lord and obedient to His Word so why should this happen to me now?”

Better questions to ask might be: “What can I learn through this experience?” “What is God teaching me through this failure?”  The failure is not in God – it is in you. It is in you because you have been disappointed in something, and we look for someone to blame. You did not do all you should have done, so it did not happen for you, this time.  Don’t ever give up!  God can and will turn things around in your favor. You must trust Him to do so. At various stages of our lives we all experience different kinds of failure. Some failures are out of our control. When I try something that doesn’t work out I choose to look at the experience, not as a failure, but simply it didn’t work so I’ll try something else.

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