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Monday, June 17, 2013

Flying with Puja Desai

I am stealing this from an awesome woman Puja. I met her a couple of years ago and I liked her immediately. She is the owner and founder of Believe Healing: be alive. be love. be you which is a vision of holistic wellness where scientific revolution integrates with spiritual progression, a place where science meets soul, in order to induce a deeper sense of healing, wellness, and evolution.

Her words spoke to me and I had to share. 

The Art of Distraction. Once seen as such a horrible thing- to shift focus and lose your way - can also be seen as an incredible way for the Universe to help find our way. Concentration is important in order to create, but being open can allow exactly what you need for what you want to really manifest. In order to really experience yourself, to be seen or heard for who you are- you have to leave some room for life to come in and bring YOU in. What you may have carved out for yourself, the the components you have, may be exactly what is holding you apart from who you are. You can only bring in closer who you are, by being truly open to it coming into your life (not just spiritually or energetically- but physically) - if you really want the world to see you, dont turn a blind eye to what it is trying to show you.

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