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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flying when I lied

I said that yesterday was the last time this week I would post something from Brenda Smith. Well, I lied. I just have to post wisdom from her two more times!

The Cross is usually thought of as a symbol of the Christian faith. Jesus was crucified on the cross on Calvary or Golgotha Hill. There is a vertical and a horizontal line. The vertical is upright, whereas, the horizontal is lying down or resting.  Together this shows a symbol of manifestation. Manifestation is the act of demonstrating, a sign. Would you not agree? that the crucifixion was a demonstration of public feeling?  The crowd had gathered around Jesus and cried, Crucify Him!  Crucify Him!  The cross stands for the uprightness of the truth and the down fall of falsehoods, lies and deceit. Truth is that which lives, which remains, which stands upright. False is that which falls, which is dead. If a person tells a lie on you, let if fall.  Don’t give the lie life by trying to defend it.  Let it go.