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Monday, October 18, 2010

Flying because we are worth it

We all need to stop selling ourselves short!


Women have heard it 100 times by now: they still earn, save and retire with less money than their dear male counterparts. Here's the thing -- no one is going to
fix financial inequity for women. Not the White House, not Nancy Pelosi, not even Oprah or Suze Orman.

Women have to recognize their own self-worth and create their own wealth by asking for higher salaries and by investing more aggressively. To support this, founder Amanda Steinberg and former New York Times finance columnist MP Dunleavey produce DailyWorth - a free daily email about money management for women.

DailyWorth has been featured in Forbes, Inc and SELF magazines. I'm telling all my women friends to sign up for DailyWorth and become the financial powerhouse they always wanted to be.

Again, check it out at

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