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Friday, June 4, 2010

Flying with Salade Nicoise

This is the final installment of  LaVondilyn Watson's the powerful message on the topic When Your Heart Hurts. Please read more about this at and download her book at

LaVondilyn says:

Have you ever had "Salade Nicoise?" It's a beautiful salad - a bed of butter lettuce topped with fresh tomatoes, crisp green beans, olives and white potatoes tossed in vinaigrette, and topped with capers and a fresh, flaked tuna steak. The salad is tasty - and very popular in France.

Well, I'm not a fan of oily fishes - particularly tuna. So, though I absolutely love this salad, I prefer it without the tuna steak on top. So, when I lived in Paris, I often ordered "the Salade Nicoise without Tuna". I always got really strange reactions and questionable looks from the waiters. You see, the tuna was the most important part of the salad. It was the main attraction! And there I was, ordering the salad, without the main attraction. Didn't quite go down well with the French. You just don't order the Salade Nicoise without the tuna.

For you to choose to never love again after a failed relationship is like ordering "the Salade Nicoise without the tuna". It's like ordering life without love when love is the main attraction! In my opinion, to intentionally live this life without loving someone special is to forgo one of God's most deeply gratifying blessings.

I have seen so many women choose not to love again - never to give themselves 100% to any man again - because they fear the pain that will come from another break-up. You do yourself such a disservice when you approach life "half empty". When you choose not to love because of a break-up from your past, not only are you leading with fear, you're putting up a billboard on your heart that says, "Sorry God, I don't trust You". (This is an interesting perspective that I had never thought of).

Be blessed as you journey through life and know that no matter what your issue is, there is someone somewhere who can help, especially if you start each day with prayer.

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