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Monday, January 18, 2010

Flying in anticipation of my THING

The other day was I driving to work thinking about my THING. Then I opened my email, my dear sistergirlfriend Angie Mizzell sent me this! She said the the universe sent it to her and of course she had heard me talk about my THING so much, she had to send it to me! God moves in mysterious ways. I so desperately needed to 'hear' this.

The BIG THING, rarely happens when you ask for it, nor does it typically come from who or where you expect. It usually comes a bit later, from someone you didn't even know when you first asked, as a result of some weird turn of events that were impossible to foresee.

So, chill. Be patient. Enjoy the moment. And let your friends, employers, and partners off the hook. Besides, they're going to have enough to deal with when the BIG THING does arrive, if you know what I mean.

This is a PERFECT example of why we all need dear sistergirlfriends in our lives. Who else would pay attention to me rambling on about my THING? And who else would even understand what I was talking about?

If you don't have any dear sistergirlfriends in your life, you need to start interviewing for some today!

And yes, this is going on the bathroom mirror!


angie mizzell said...

I know what I sent you is true, when I think about how easily we met and how effortlessly we became friends. I always see moments like that as God in action, leading us both to our THING.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words to ponder in my heart.
I love reading your uplifting blog. Please keep on keeping on.
Linda L.