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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flying with my friends

More from the new author.

Father’s Day 2009 marked a year since my mother Wilhelmena died. Up to that point, I was having moments where I would cry uncontrollably and just scream. You know it’s bad when your dog comes to you and licks your face then barks after a while like “I was nice, now get over it….let’s play”.

These past few months since that anniversary date, I have been operating with a lot more clarity; purpose, outgoingness.

Death is not an indefinite mourning but a celebration of that loved ones life. A carrying forward of what you were taught and displaying how well you learned over the years post death. I am thankful to have friends who stood by me thru it all and still invite me gatherings that I had been previously turning down to be with mom.

Thank you so much my friends. You can’t pick you family but you certainly can pick your friends. I think the value system that my late mother and my father taught is shining brightly…..also that I have true, patient, always there friends!!

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Cookie said...

Thank you for this. This really spoke to my heart. And welcome to the coolest sister blog on the web.Thank you for putting your voice in the room.
Love and light