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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Flying with magic

I really love this passage. I hope it brings some enlightenment to your soul.

Excerpt from Dance of Power
by Dr. Susan Gregg

Magic happens every time we change the way we look at things. Magic changes the way we experience life. As soon as we change our perspective our reality changes. If we believe life is hard it will be. If we change our perspective and believe life is a gentle process of remembering, life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Magic is constantly happening, power is always changing into physical reality. All we really need is the courage to squarely face our past and change our perspective. If we become self-aware, we can become conscious of our decisions. As we "wake up" we realize most of our decisions are based on facts that aren’t facts at all. Most of our beliefs are based on assumptions we made as a child. We continue to make decisions based on information that was inaccurate at best thirty years ago, and today is totally useless. We continue to stay within the security point created for us as a child. As we learn to separate our emotions from our actions we start making decisions based on the present, rather then the past. Magic only happens in the present or in the moment we call now.

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