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Monday, June 8, 2009

Flying with new growth

Thanks to a few dear sistergirlfriends, I no longer own the worst lawn in the subdivision! It wasn't easy. I had no vision for what I wanted my yard to look like. I certainly had no technical experience. That is what dear sistergirlfriends are for. And I thank God for them more than they know.

The lawn project spurred new growth and just the grass. I was surrounded by women in a circumstance we do not usually see each other, dirty, without make up, and not dressed up. We all had our hands in the earth which sparked interesting conversations and observations. Each of our strengths rose to the challenge of laying sod and planting flowers. Each of our areas of improvement surfaced as well. I think the earth does that, allows us to be free to say "I don't know how to..." or "I need help with..." without expectation of rejection or ridicule. That was the true new growth. We will never look at each other the same again. We have new found respect and admiration because together we created something beautiful. Our sweat mingled with the plants and turned a barren land into something magical in just one day. The only thing that could top that experience was a piece of my mother's Coke cake. Yes, it is a bazillion calories, but a day like we shared deserved nothing less.

1 comment:

angie said...

sounds like a wonderful day! and what wonderful sistergirlfriends.

makes me want to go plant something. :)