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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flying in searchof a job

There are many people looking for employment these days. A while back when I was searching, I stumbled upon this Job Search Affirmation Prayer by Jewel Diamond Taylor. It brought peace of mind and comfort to me. I hope it does the same for you.

God, our Father, I turn to You seeking Your divine help and guidance as I look for suitable employment. I am excited about using the gifts and talents You have given me. I'm ready for the opportunity to use them with gainful employment. I pray for a clear mind to be specific with my career goals and expectations (position, people, environment, location, compensation and benefits).

Thank You for the resources to meet my daily expenses at home as well as the expenses incurred with job seeking. I pray for the confidence to grow out of my comfort zone with future interviews and prospects.

I believe my divine right place of employment is seeking me. I give thanks in advance for the right connections being revealed. My opportunities and blessings are endless and sometimes they may come to me in unexpected ways. Open my eyes. Open my mind. Open my ears. Right action begins with me and I am empowered by you God to begin moving and to keep moving towards greater success. I am guided today to the place where I am needed, valued and compensated well for my time and skills.

All that the Father hath for me is mine and I take possession of what belongs to me with a swiftness, gratitude and confidence. My career is for the glory of God to benefit my family and those I serve.

I believe as I speak these words, that You, Father God, go before me preparing a way. I have no fear for You are with me - my peace, my protection and my provision. Thank You for releasing the courage, optimism, professionalism and resources I need to secure my divine right employment.

Thank You for placing heavenly and earthly angels in my life to guide me.
I believe what You have done for others, You can do for me. Grant me favor so that I may return home today with praise and thanksgiving for your grace and mercy. I will share Your goodness with others so they may know of Your power and glory.

I feel better, encouraged and ready now to receive my career and financial breakthrough. Thank You Lord for being the center of my JOY and the source of my great new JOB!