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Monday, April 6, 2009

Flying back home!

I got great news over the weekend. The soldier I 'adopted' and his unit have completed their mission. They are on their way home! I never met my soldier. I knew his name and little snippets about him. He knew even less about me. He did know that every week he would get a card from me (two if I forget to mail one the week before). He also knew that every month I would send a care package.

These packages would sometimes come from a friend's 5 year old Daisy Troop, a 4 year old daycare class, homemade M&M cookies from my 13 year old niece, and brownies from me. The point is, he knew that someone cared. That is the mission of the Soldier's Angels, to provide that little extra something to our troops who are so far from home. My former soldier told me that my funny cards allowed him to forget for a hot moment and just laugh. My job is done with him. I only hope that he returns the gift and adopts a soldier.

I have adopted another soldier today. I feel that it is an honor and a privilege to be that cheerleader at the end or beginning of a day filled with so much uncertainty. If you feel the need to do good this year, consider adopting a soldier. You can read about it at

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