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Friday, October 17, 2008

Flying with pickles

I hate cucumbers. I do not even like the smell of them. Due to the commitment I made to do something with all of the produce that I get from the farm except for the red and green peppers, I had to at least try them. So, I made pickles. Yes, even I was surprised that I wanted to do this. Not that I am a bad cook or do not like to cook. I just have little patience for foods that I do not like. It isn't that I am spoiled, it is just that I do not buy food that I don't like and therefore do not cook food that I do not like. However, I made the commitment. The commitment to be a bit more open minded with everything except for the red and green peppers. I reserve the right to add to this list as the need arises!

I must admit that the pickles were wonderful. I cannot take all of the credit. I used the pickle recipe from Rachael Ray. I modified it a bit. I used apple cider vinegar instead of white. I brought them to work and they were devoured. That is a very good sign. I ate a few as well. The real test will be to see if my niece likes them. She is the pickle connoisseur. I am not sure I am ready to be compared to McDonald's pickles, but oh well. This could be the start of something.

I picked up my produce Wednesday and guess what? I got another cucumber! I am making another batch of pickles this weekend. Right now I am thinking that in cute jars they will make great Christmas gifts. It is either that or I find something else to do with cucumbers. Any suggestions?

Quick Pickles


1/2 cup white vinegar, eyeball it
2 rounded teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon salt
1 clove cracked garlic
1 teaspoon dried dill or 2 tablespoons fresh dill leaves, chopped or snipped
1 bay leaf
4 kirby cucumbers, cut into 1-inch slices on an angle

Directions: Heat small saucepan over medium high heat. Add vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, salt, and garlic to the pan and cook until it begins to simmer and sugar dissolves. Toss the dill, bay leaf, and sliced cucumbers together in a heat-proof bowl. Pour the simmering liquid over the cucumbers and stir to evenly coat. Allow to cool to room temperature or chill before serving.


Anonymous said...

they help to get rid of sugar ants if you put them around the house, but you gotta watch out for the roaches. Cucumbers also help as a laxative if you are constipated.

doretha said...

Fortunately I do not have sugar ants, but that is good information. Thank you for sharing.