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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Flying in a gown

I was fortunate to be a judge of the National Distinguished Young Woman (formally the Junior Miss) contest. For the final day we were told to dress in gowns or cocktail wear. I usually opt for cocktail wear decided to go for a gown.

Now I did not have a gown in my closet. I was going to borrow one from a stylish friend, but due to a communications snafu I had to go hunt for one. I had my eye on a bright red one. I had dreams about that dress. But when I tried it on it just did not work. The slit in the dress was way too high or maybe I was jump way too short. Anyway I thought that the dress was not appropriate and the material looked cheap.

Dress two was black and honestly I do not remember much about it other than I could not zip it up. So that left a few cocktail length frocks and then gown number three. As soon as I put it on I knew that this one could work. I felt stunning.

This was the first gown I had on since my friend Iris' wedding at least 5 years ago, I think. Anyway this is what I wore. I was channeling my inner Sofia Vagara! And I had cute shoes, too.

This was my concerted effort to enjoy the less challenging days instead of just blowing through them. I actually did not think about what was waiting for me at home, work, marathon training except for a hot moment when I found out that the hotel did not have a treadmill, my lawn or lack thereof, or anything else distracting or annoying.

I allowed myself to just breathe.


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